Successfully onboard new clients with Woops! premium corporate gifts

The best tips to improve your onboarding experience.

So… what is client onboarding?

Let us clear this out for you. 😊 Client onboarding is the process of introducing a new client into your business or organization. This procedure is generally known as a way to welcome new clients, address their questions and doubts, and make sure that they completely understand what you’re offering them. What’s most important is for you to think of this process as the very first step to building a close relationship with your new customer.

Two smiling women are sitting at a table while sharing a box of 12 assorted French macarons.

Why is client onboarding important?

Because this is the perfect opportunity to make an incredible first impression with your customer. Some other benefits are:

  • Less customer attrition: a poor client onboarding experience is one of the main reasons for customer churn. There are a lot of reasons why businesses experience customer attrition, but bad client onboarding shouldn’t be one of them.
  • More efficiency!: If you’re following a well-developed client onboarding procedure, your account executives will have more time to take on new clients. A well-done process increases the efficiency of communication, leaving less room for mistakes or misunderstandings.
  • Who doesn’t LOVE referrals?: When your customers are happy with what you’re providing them from the very beginning, they will most likely refer your services to other possible customers. Remember! Word-of-mouth is the best and most effective marketing tool.

A smiling woman with a dark dress is holding two Woops! French macarons bags.

And how can you make your client onboarding memorable and successful?

There are multiple ways to make this process much better & unforgettable: send a cool welcome email, humanize the experience by adding a fun video that shows your business’ personality, a surprise discount, a coffee gift card for your first meeting, and so much more.

A woman is holding a stack of French macaron boxes tied together by a golden ribbon.

Still, giving a corporate gift to your clients during the onboarding process

Is the best way to stand out from the crowd and make them feel extra special! The mugs and pens will be shoved in a drawer, and the same old chocolates and cupcakes won’t make you stay top of mind.

If you want your customers to remember your onboarding process, then give them something memorable, thoughtful, premium, out-of-common, and full of experiences. Stand out from your competition and make the BEST first impression through incredible, stunning, and mouthwatering French macaron gift boxes! Easy on the eye, and oh so easy on the taste buds. 😉

Just imagine the look on their faces upon unexpectedly receiving one of our gorgeous boxes filled with luxurious & authentic French macarons? Priceless.

Two opened boxes are full of assorted French macarons. Surrounding them are numerous French macaron boxes with customized sleeves.

Presentation is everything

Remember: people don’t want a bag full of random stuff with your logo all over it. Lucky for you, making top-notch and dazzlingly-presented gifts is what we’re experts at.

Our amazing macaron boxes, stacks, and e-gifts will fit all your needs and will make your client onboarding experience much, much better, and unforgettable.

A screenshot of the white and pink Woops! E-gift card website shows a purple e-gift card and a fill-in box to the left.

Our incredible e-gift cards

Got customers that are hesitant to provide their home addresses? Send them e-gift cards! They’ll get a gift notification in their emails that allows them to put in their information themselves while protecting their privacy. This email—and your customer’s entire web journey—can be designed according to your brand standards, preferences, and tastes.

An Argentinian alfajores box of 12 on top of a box of 18 French macarons with a gold ribbon holding them together, and some assorted French macarons and alfajores lying around.
Macaron boxes & stacks

Send a true message of appreciation and add a thoughtful touch to this occasion with stunning boxes that can be customized! And if you don’t want to go through the process of customization and want something handy that can be shipped right away, we have a wide selection of beautiful macaron gift boxes that will leave all your customers excited for this new experience by your side.

You can also go above & beyond by stacking these beauties out. Our macaron & alfajores stacks will make for a perfectly packaged gift that will tower above all else.

3 opened boxes full of assorted French macarons have some French macarons and some greeting cards in the middle.

Don’t forget the greeting cards

We believe that greeting cards are as important as the gift itself. Complete your exquisite gifting experience by making your boxes more personal, unique, and thoughtful with beautiful greeting cards. You can design your own from start to finish or choose one from our collection.

4 smiling men and a woman are hugging while looking at the camera in front of a Woops! Bakeshop.

Slay your client onboarding game

Quick recap: client onboarding is an essential part of a customer’s journey, and it’s the best way to make an awesome first impression. Adding thoughtful and memorable experiences—like gorgeous & delicious macaron gift boxes—to your client onboarding process will reduce customer attrition and will increase your referral rates.

Get creative with your onboarding process and let us help you make it memorable, incredible, and impressive for all your customers. The benefits you can get from it are astounding! Get in touch with us and let’s make magic happen.

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