Spoil your BFF this Best Friends Day with macarons!

Make your bestie go ‘WOW!’ with the most authentic, delicious, and beautiful French macarons.

If your best friend is basically the peanut butter to your jelly sandwich, the filling to your macaron, the one who has been with you through thick and thin, through every breakup, through all the good and bad haircuts, and more, then that awesome person deserves to be pampered the sweetest way on this day.

Three smiling women are sitting on a bench outside of a Woops! French macaron bakeshop with several Woops! boxes on the counter

Between all the birthdays, holidays, those “I’m thinking of you” or “I miss you” moments, there are so many other opportunities (such as Best Friend Day) to make your BFF feel mega special – even if you’re miles apart.

Touch their heart with something thoughtful, beautiful, delicious, and unexpected. The best way to show him or her how much you care? By gifting them macarons!

A woman with a black jacket is holding some Woops! French macarons boxes in assorted colors with golden ribbons.
Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!

In-person or virtual “thank you’s”, “I love you’s”, and grateful smiles from your BFF are always more than welcome. If you want to play it safe and get the best gifts for your best friend on this National Friendship Day then get some of our stunning macaron boxes!

A black and white countertop features a Woops! Box of 6 French macarons with assorted flavors at the center and several macarons surrounding it.

There are sooo many macaron flavors where you can choose from to build your own box, or we’ve got many other options with delicious combinations that your person will undoubtedly love: Tasting Boxes full of all our classic & seasonal flavors, Berries & Chocolate, Very Vanilla Berry, Get Fruity, Chocolate Lovers, our sweet and aromatic Parisian Flair box, plus more.

And to get them is as easy as a click. Get exploring and choose boxes that your BFF will love!

A smiling woman dressed in black is holding a three-tiered stack of Woops! French macarons boxes tied with a golden ribbon.
They say “go big or go home”

If there’s anything better than a macaron box, it’s a stack of macaron boxes! Ship them across the country right to your BFF’s doorstep, or surprise him or her with a sweet visit and some (BIG) goodies in hand that will definitely make anyone go “WOW!”.

We’ve got several stack sizes where you can choose from, and believe us when we say: this is the perfect gift for your best friend on this day.

A pink background features a green opened Woops! box full of assorted alfajores, below it is a closed green Woops! box with a golden ribbon. Several alfajores are lying around.

You said what?

Alfajores! Our newest family member has arrived just in time for National Best Friends Day.

These goodies are typical from South America and will make that special someone feel as if they were abroad. Gift your fantastic BFF these melt-in-your-mouth sweets made up of two flavorful biscuits that enclose a mouthwatering dulce de leche filling that will be loved by all.

Two women are sitting at opposite sides of a black and white table that has some flowers and a pair of sunglasses. They’re looking at each other while sharing a Woops! Box of 12 French macarons in assorted flavors and drinking some cappuccinos.

Or let them make their own choices…

With an e-gift card! And what’s best is that there are many beautiful card options where you can choose from.

A smiling blonde girl with a black jacket is holding a purple Woops! French macarons box with a golden ribbon. The box has an inscription that says “I love you to the macaron and back”.
Life is too short for bad covers

We know that first impressions are always important, that’s why we offer all our amazing Woopsters a series of fantastic sleeves that will gorgeously complement our delicious macaron boxes. Whether it’s an “I love you”, “Thank You”, or “Just Because” message, we can help you make it clear and pretty with our beautiful box covers.

You can select your favorite sleeve by clicking on the “Custom Sleeve Box” button when placing your order.

Two smiling women are sitting on a red bench while looking at each other and sipping some Woops! French macarons drinks. Behind them is a big white window and to their left some flowers.
Surprise your best friend with the best gifts on this National Friendship Day!

Macarons are always a go-to when the idea is to really dazzle someone the sweetest way.

Send your gifts to his or her house with our amazing shipping & delivery service or come pick’em up and gift them in person. Whichever way, get ready to impress!

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