Best Tips to Organize a Baby Shower

All you need to create the perfect baby shower.

A baby shower is a joyous celebration of new life and the exciting journey of parenthood. As the host, you want to create a memorable experience for the guest of honor (the expecting parent(s)) and their loved ones. 

While decorations, games, and baby shower food ideas are all important, gifts are also a big part of the equation. Here’s the ultimate guide to navigating the main organization, as well as the gifting aspect, of a baby shower, ensuring a smooth, cute, and fun experience for everyone!

1. The Wonderful World of Registries!
  • Baby Bliss with a Registry: Most expecting parents create a baby registry which is a curated wishlist of items they need and want for their little one. This is a fantastic resource for guests as it eliminates guesswork and ensures gifts are truly useful. If you’re attending a baby shower, always look for the registry link on the baby shower invitation or ask the parents directly.
  • Consider Alternatives: Not all parents create a registry. Perhaps they’re minimalist, have received hand-me-downs, or prefer experiences over material gifts. In such cases, offer options like gift cards to specific stores where they can choose what they need or even suggest contributing to a diaper fund to offset the cost of essentials… believe us, all parents appreciate help with the diapers. 😉
A newborn baby covered in a white blanket is yawning.

Photo by Tim Bish on Unsplash.

2. Gifting Beyond the Registry…
  • Think Practical: Babies need a lot of stuff! While the registry covers the essentials, consider adding practical gifts that complement the list. Think adorable bibs, a cozy hooded towel for bath time, or a subscription box filled with developmental toys for different age stages.
  • Personalize it Up: Gifts with a personal touch are always cherished. Embroidered blankets with the baby’s name, a framed picture of the parents-to-be, or a hand-stitched baby hat are heartwarming options.
  • Experiences over Things!: Consider gifting experiences instead of material items. A prenatal massage for the mom-to-be, a professional newborn photography session, or a family outing voucher can create lasting and very lovely memories.
Cute baby crib.

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 3. Group Gifting for Bigger Wishes
  • Spreading the Cost: If a big-ticket item is on the registry (like a stroller or crib), consider suggesting a group gifting option. This allows multiple guests to contribute towards the cost, making the gift more accessible to everyone. There are online platforms and apps that facilitate group gifting, they really help in making this a seamless process.
  • DIY Diaper Cake: A creative and practical group gift is a diaper cake! If you’ve never heard of it, this is a fun and functional centerpiece made from diapers, baby wipes, and other essentials, and stacked in a tiered cake formation. 
4. Gift-Giving Etiquette
  • RSVP and Gift Updates: When responding to the RSVP on the invitation, always let the hosts know if you plan to bring a gift. This helps them avoid duplicate gifts and ensures the expecting parents receive a variety of items. If your gifting plans change after the RSVP, simply update the host.
  • Presentation Matters: Presentation goes a long way, always. Wrap your gift in festive baby shower wrapping paper, adding a cute bow or a handwritten card with a heartfelt message for the parents-to-be.
  • Cash or Check Considerations: While it’s perfectly acceptable to gift cash or a check, it’s always a good idea to present it tastefully. Use a dedicated gift card holder or tuck it inside a cute baby-themed card! 
5. Games and Activities with a Gifting Twist
  • “Guess the Price” with Baby Essentials: This is a fun game that doubles as a way to familiarize guests with baby products. Select a few items from the registry or popular baby essentials and have guests guess their prices. The winner gets a small prize, and everyone learns about the costs associated with raising a little one.
  • Diaper Dash Relay: First divide guests into teams, then each team races with a wrapped gift (not baby-related) and a diaper, unwrapping the gift at the finish line. The winners get to keep the gift!
  • Story Time Twist: Guests add sentences to a story about the baby, each using a different baby item from a basket. The basket with leftover items becomes a raffle prize. 

A box full of assorted macarons and a macaron box with a Baby Shower sleeve surrounded by baby toys.

6. Setting the Scene for Celebration
  • Baby Shower Places: Choosing the right venue sets the tone for the celebration. Consider the guest list, the overall theme, and your budget. Popular baby shower places include restaurants with private rooms, community centers, or even a family member’s home.
  • Baby Shower Food Ideas: Food is a central part of any celebration! When planning baby shower food ideas, cater to various dietary needs and preferences. Finger foods are ideal, allowing guests to mingle and socialize. Think miniature sandwiches, crudités with dips, and bite-sized quiches. Don’t forget the sweets! 
  • French Macarons? Always an Excellent Idea: Delight your guests with delectable desserts like French macarons! A beautiful spread of Woops! French macarons will always be a trendy and delicious treat that’s sure to impress. We have a special Baby Shower Collection full of gorgeous macaron boxes and pyramids that will be the sweet centerpiece of your gathering.
A man kissing a woman’s forehead, they’re both holding an ultrasound.

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Remember, the true essence of a baby shower lies in celebrating the miracle of new life. By carefully considering at least some of these gifting tips, you can ensure that the shower is a memorable event filled with laughter, love, and a sense of community. The gifts, while important, are just a small part of the celebration. It’s the coming together of loved ones to shower the expecting parents with support and well wishes as they embark on this incredible journey.

Imagine the joy on the parents-to-be’s faces as they open gifts, some practical, some sentimental, all reflecting the love and anticipation surrounding their growing family! The games and activities create lasting memories, strengthening the bonds between friends and family. Always remember: A well-organized baby shower, with thoughtful gifting at its heart, becomes a beautiful tribute to the miracle of new life and the exciting chapter that’s about to unfold.💗💙

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