Corporate New Year’s gifts? Who wouldn’t love it!

Stay top of mind with premium gifts to welcome the New Year!

Holiday gifts are an absolute go-to when this joyful time of the year rolls around and we love it! Some delicious French macaron gift boxes as a premium Christmas or holiday gift? Simply delightful.

Still, holiday gifts are something most companies give to all their customers and employees and the toughest part of the job is looking for something that will definitely impress everyone (still looking for the perfect holiday gifts? Check out our Woops! Holiday Corporate Gifting blog.

But have you ever thought about really standing out by giving New Year’s gifts that no one expects? If you haven’t, let us convince you of why they’d be an absolute success!

2022, we’re so ready for you!

The last two years have been—to put it mildly—tough. We were all forced to unexpectedly work from home and away from our coworkers, while still looking for ways to keep everyone engaged and motivated despite the circumstances.

Being here healthy and with your company, employees, and clients present is something amazing that calls for gratitude… so why not celebrate these new beginnings with something equally awesome?

A French macaron box with a purple New Year’s sleeve is surrounded by opened French macaron boxes, festive ornaments, a bottle of champagne, and champagnes glasses.
Our spectacular New Year’s Collection is here

We always give our absolute best when coming up with a new collection, but this year we outdid ourselves. 🙂 We knew that the coming year would be very celebrated and awaited by everyone, so we wanted to be a part of everyone’s joy. Come meet our collection and fall in love!

Two opened French macaron boxes with assorted flavors have 2 French macaron boxes with New Year’s sleeves below. Surrounding them are festive ornaments.

3, 2, 1…

Drop the ball! Dazzle your team & clients with incredible French macaron gift boxes perfect for receiving a new year full of success, happiness, health, and all the good things. What’s best is that you can get them delivered by January 2 so they can enjoy with their loved ones, or by the time everyone’s back in the office.

An opened French macaron box is full of 18 classic French macarons, to its right is a French macaron box with a New Year’s sleeve.
The (gorgeous) collection

Made up of 4 beautiful macaron boxes, our collection is the perfect gift to stay top of mind and begin 2022 with the right foot.

Our Drop the Ball box is made up of Vanilla, Tiramisu, Cookies & Cream, and Caramel Fleur de Sel French macaron flavors, and it’s the perfect treat to pair with champagne and to bid 2021 goodbye & welcome the New Year.

An opened French macaron is full of 9 assorted macarons, to its left is a French macaron box with a New Year’s sleeve. Surrounding them are several festive ornaments.

The fabulous Ring in the New Year box comes full of aromatically delicious Vanilla, Honey Lavender, and Rose macarons, or how does a box filled with Dark Chocolate, Nutella, Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, and Caramel Fleur de Sel flavors sound? Delicious, we know. Our Stroke of Midnight box is amazing to add that sweet & premium touch to your recipient’s night.

Last but not least, meet our New Year’s Tasting Box, the perfect gift to add some extra magic to the bright fireworks, the festive mood, the crispy champagne, and the delicious food. Full of all our classic & seasonal flavors, be sure that this box will make everyone think of you until the next New Year’s Eve. 😉

An opened French macaron box is full of assorted and colorful macarons, to its left is a French macaron box with a New Year’s sleeve. Surrounding them are several festive ornaments.
Make it memorable always!

Nothing’s better than keeping everyone motivated and engaged despite all the workload & craziness, so take this awesome opportunity to dazzle everyone and wish them the happiest & most prosperous 2022! Your team and customers will be left speechless.

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