March is Women’s History Month

IWD is the perfect time to pamper your girls with mac-nificent gifts!

We all know Women’s Day is every day, but did you know that the third month of each year is specially dedicated to all the amazing, inspiring, strong, & outgoing women of the world? Women’s History Month is the perfect time to reflect on the struggles of the female gender throughout history and to acknowledge the challenges that still remain today, while also recognizing women’s strength, resilience, force, & wonderful love.

Is there any way to add to this month’s importance? There sure is: listen to your coworkers, neighbors, doctors, teachers, best friends, and really any females’ journeys and struggles and remind them of how strong and incredible they are just by being women. 

Three ladies cheerfully smiling and hugging each other at a Woops! Bakeshop with a macaron pyramid in the back.
©Jmikayla Photography

At Woops! we love to add magical, unique touches to every little moment. Still, this International Women’s Day and this Women’s History Month is anything but little: it’s big and empowering all around! So let’s add to its greatness with impressive touches of love (and with an imposing macaron pyramid, perhaps?;))

Our collection

After a tough 2020, we’re excited to take part in this outstanding occasion by coming up with a small, but gorgeous, Women’s Day Collection. Be a part of this month’s splendid significance and give your girls goodies and sweets they’ll love! And chill out, we’re right here to help you with awesome gift ideas for her (and them).

Woman, you make the world a better place

So many things look simple when done by women, when in reality they’re not: patiently teaching young kids their first school lessons, taking care of sick patients in a hospital, being in charge of small and big businesses while still being incredible, always-present moms, and so much more!

You don’t need a special occasion to let your ladies know how much you love them, but isn’t this day a great excuse to pamper them with sweet love? Believe us, a great gift idea for her would be a beautiful You Make The World Better Box full of each classic and seasonal flavor we offer. You can already hear them gasping in delight, right? 

Ladies, thanks for inspiring us always

We know being a woman is no easy task. The always-look-good, have-the-perfect-balance-between-professional-and-personal-life, and always-be-nice pressure can sometimes be too much, but still, women somehow manage.

At Woops! we wanted to express our great admiration for the ladies of the world with a gorgeous box that depicts one clear message: You’re such an inspiration! And don’t ever doubt it… So spoil yourself and your girls’ through flavorful goodies that will make this day (and month) even better. 

And why not make it grander? Besides our eye-catching boxes, add macaron pyramids & delicious drinks to your Women’s Day celebration and make it all so much more memorable!

Woman with a Raspberry macaron and a purple Woops! box in her hand. Photo credits: @mayraderinger

Have an awesome Women’s Day and Women’s History Month! 

Don’t ever question your greatness, strength, power, beautiful love, talents, and all the other things that you make you so unique & awesome! This great day and month deserve the best recognition, so add to its exceptionality with our Women’s Day Collection!

P.S.: If you want to add a specific meaning to your womanhood celebration through colors and flavors, then make it your own with our Women’s Day Build Your Own Box! Yummy and significant? We’re always here for it!

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