Let’s hear it for the language of colors!

Wow your loved ones and transmit your beautiful feelings through macaron colors.

We’re very aware that pink, white, and red are the official colors of sweet loving, but have you ever wondered what other colors have to say for themselves?

Assortment of macarons with a Woops! Signature Green box

We’d like to focus on the meaning of the spectacular and bright colors that the LGBTQ+ flag has: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Why specifically this flag? Well, it’s our way of saying we celebrate all types of love.

Colors are so powerful that several scientific fields have dedicated time to figuring out how our brains respond to them. Our macaron flavors have many beautiful colors, want to find out what they mean?

Red, red, macarons & wine!

Red screams love and passion! But it’s also known to be the color of courage and strength. Express the intensity of your love through some delicious Red Velvet and Strawberry macarons!

Want more of this lively color? Our Love & Chocolate macaron pyramid is full of Red Velvet, Strawberry, Nutella, and Dark Chocolate macaron flavors, a red & brown affair! (Psst don’t worry, you can get all our macarons online).

When you squeeze an Orange…

Deliciousness flows out! This beautiful color, created by the combination of red and yellow, is linked to warmth, happiness, fun, and also encouragement.

If you know someone who might need some extra care in these tough days, get him or her some of our orange classic-American Peanut Butter Cup macarons. They’re perfect for sweet childhood reminiscing and a fun movie night.

Assortment of Woops! Macarons with raspberries and heart-shaped marshmallows. Credits: @kristensellentin

And it was all Yellow!

Yellow is ALL about happiness, summer, spontaneity, and hope. Want to cheer up that neighbor who’s quarantining by herself? Give her some delicious Lemon Tart macarons! We promise they will make her smile.

Stay Green!

Green transmits calmness, energy, life, and renewal. If you have friends that need a little bit of peace and calm in their lives, gift them some Pistachio-flavored macarons. This treat is nutty, sweet, and eye-catching green, it’s the real deal!

Something Blue…

The color of the sky and the sea, and also of freedom and imagination. If you’re a sea lover and miss throwing yourself against the waves, get something sweet and blue and cheer yourself up! Summer won’t take long to arrive.

Tasting Box of 18 macarons with all of Woops! seasonal and classic flavors. Credits: @kittykathealth

Don’t worry, be Purple

Get the queen or king of your life something purple! Purple is associated with royalty and nobility, so how do some Honey Lavender macarons (with a luxurious brush of gold on their shell) and English Breakfast Tea sound? Top-notch, we know!

Give several meanings to the beautiful colors that make life, even more, stunning: get your loved one something spectacular from our Everyday Occasion Boxes, but also show some sweet care, appreciation, and support to those who might need it most. If you want to get a specific message across, do it through colors! (better yet, through macaron colors & flavors ;))

Woops! box of 18 macarons filled with Honey Lavender, Vanilla, and Rose flavors.

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