Happy Birthday to all our amazing Woopsters!

Inside: the best birthday gift & celebration ideas to make anyone smile on their day!

Sweet, sweet birthdays… we love them so much! There’s something so special about getting a year older, so why not always celebrate it? If you love to make a big deal out of your day, if you’re more low-profile, or if you want to gift something spectacularly delicious to someone else on their birthday, Woops!… we’re right here with the most mac-nificent birthday gift & celebration ideas.

5 macarons pyramids with assorted flavors in small, medium, and large sizes on top of a wood table and a white brick background.

Make it impressive!

Ever heard of edible pyramids? Well, let us present you with something that’s going to blow everyone’s mind: macaron pyramids! Our toweringly stunning pyramids always make everybody go “wooow!”… believe us, we’ve seen people gasp once they see one of our impressive figures.

If you’d like to really shock someone who loves their birthday with the most perfect gift, or if you’d like everyone to remember your gorgeous party (even if it’s virtual), there’s nothing better than our Happy Birthday macaron pyramid.

Plus, it’s so easy to assemble! Check this out:

How about a French-themed party?

Who doesn’t dream of being in France with their loved ones celebrating such a special day? We all do! Since our macarons are the best ones outside of Paris, we dare say that there’s no better way to add an authentically French touch to any party than with some Woops! goodies.

We’ve even got a box specially made to fit the French feels & aesthetics: our Parisian Flair macaron box full of Vanilla, Honey Lavender, and Rose flavors. Complement this delicious box with some of our favorites such as Very Vanilla Berry and Classic Surprise boxes.

Two women smiling and holding a Woops! box of 12 macarons and taking a selfie with a cellphone. In the background, there’s a plant and a Christmas tree.

Virtual party? We’ve got you covered!

We know it’s difficult to make a party nowadays, but there are still ways to make your birthday memorable. Zoom is a great alternative to get all your loved ones together on your day, Google Meets & Join.me are awesome as well.

Little blonde girl with a heart headband looking at a Holiday Red Velvet macaron and a pink milkshake in her other hand. In front of her is a box of 18 macarons with assorted flavors. Photo credits: @capecodmomma.

You can get everyone together for a fun virtual blind tasting or color-themed party! We’ve got a great assortment of boxes in different sizes and with a wide range of flavors and colors that will appeal to everyone, plus you can get them with FREE SHIPPING! And don’t mind the ages, our boxes are perfect for adults and kids.

Don’t let the ‘where to buy sweets’, or even the  ‘where to buy macarons?’ line stop you from making your day an unforgettable one.

Little boy holding a pink with white dots macaron box with a golden ribbon.
There’s nothing wrong with being demure

Not everyone likes to make a big deal out of their birthdays, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Still, spoiling and pampering yourself on your day is always super welcome, so why not do it through some delicious macarons?

Make your tastebuds go ‘WOW!’ with one of our Tasting Boxes which has all of our classic and seasonal flavors. Also, if you looove chocolate, we’ve got a Chocolate Lovers box too, and if fruits are your thing, then our Get Fruity macaron box is the perfect birthday gift idea for you.

Yellow upside-down cups with two birthday hats beside: one is blue with white and red circles and the other is yellow with white circles. In front of them are two blue with white circles plates full of macarons with assorted flavors. There’s confetti lying around.

There are many ways in which you can make someone else’s & your own birthday a very special one… yep, we might be a little biased here but macarons always work wonders when it comes to making all the big and little moments even more memorable.

Get creative! We gave you some great birthday gift ideas so choose your favorite macaron flavors, colors, & boxes and pair them with drinks, tea, & the people you love to make this day an unforgettable one.

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