Woops! has the best French macarons near you

Feel at home when visiting our locations

Now more than ever (after so many months of confinement), is when we truly value the power of the little things. Being able to go for a walk and get some fresh air, stop at our favorite coffee shop for a cappuccino, or why not… a macaron! Online shopping in these times became key. It’s easy and safe, but there’s nothing like the charm of a store. It’s great to start your day being welcomed with a warm smile that makes you feel at home and finding the perfect table to enjoy a good coffee paired with the best pastries.

Woops! colorful counter filled with french macarons, pastries, and different size macaron boxes.

If we’re going to talk about charming locations, our Woops! bakeshops and kiosks definitely make a difference. Nothing warms our hearts more than creating experiences for people to connect, relax, and enjoy the sweeter side of life. With locations throughout the country, from Boston to New York, or San Francisco, our stores include over 15 macaron flavors and more than 20 artisanal pastries, sandwiches, coffee, and tea. A little slice of Paris that offers the best French macarons near you.

Woman sitting down at a Woops! bakeshop having coffee, French macarons, and a croissant

All of our locations have their charm, such as our Woops! Newton Centre where you can find the best macarons in Boston. Unlike anything in the area, a cute little bakeshop filled with endless reasons to smile and a variety of typically unattainable items from macarons to cookies and other desserts in between. If you’re wondering where to find the rest of our locations, here’s the complete list:


Woops! Arizona Mills

Woops! Main Gate Square


Woops! Brooklyn Basin – Rocky’s Market

Woops! Ontario Mills

Woops! Westfield San Francisco Centre


Woops! Coeur d’Alene


Woops! Burlington Mall

Woops! Cambridgeside Mall

Woops! Natick Mall

Woops! Newton Centre


Woops! Cherry Hill

Woops! Jersey Gardens

Woops! Menlo Park

Woops! Newport Centre


Woops! Bryant Park

Woops! Columbus Circle 

Woops! Greenpoint

Woops Port Authority Bus Terminal

Woops! Smith Haven Mall

Woops! Walt Whitman Mall


Woops! Penn Square Mall


Woops! Providence Place


Woops! Cool Springs Franklin Mall

Woops! Green Hills Mall

Woops! Opry Mills Mall

Woops! West Town


Woops! Galleria Dallas

Woops! North Star Mall


Woops! Downtown Milwaukee 

Woops! Southridge Mall 

We’ll be happy to see you and hope you can stop by soon. You can also order your favorite macarons and pick them up yourself free of charge from any of our open locations or have them delivered at home the same day you order them. Remember that if you don’t have a location near you, we offer nationwide shipping. Order now and let us know you stopped by with a post or story on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our feed!

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