Woops! Greenpoint

Brooklyn, NY

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120 Norman Ave. Brooklyn - NY 11222

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Temporarily Closed

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Woops! is a vibrant and innovative company that believes desserts are special. Founded in 2012 with the mission of spreading the joy of French macarons across the United States, Woops! is on pace to become the largest retail provider of macarons by the beginning of 2017. Found in malls with our luxury macaron kiosks, or in the heart of bustling communities with our in-line bakeshops, which offer over 30 international treats and artisanal coffee.


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4.4 out of 5

Ola Hantkiewicz

This place simply doesnu2019t need recommendations. Once you see their products you wonu2019t go through and once you taste them then you wonu2019t regret it, I swear. The almond croissant is soft like cloud, moisty and full of flavor. Brownie is perfect and macaroons of course exceptional. Hot mocha had much more chocolate than I expected - so this is WOW. I just love the place for alternatives of traditional milk (you can choose between many: soy, almond, coconut and more) and for aesthetics: plates, mugs, interior design. The place is very clean and nicely designed and the service is just lovely. Well, if you ask me where the heaven is I would say: exactly here.

Ola Hantkiewicz 9 months ago
Claire Roche

The people who work here are ANGELS!!!!!! I was having a horrible few weeks an every time I went in they were so nice. nAlso this is my favorite bakery, and they have the best cookies in Nyc.

Claire Roche 3 months ago
Suzannah Troy

Profoundly kind staff! I am vegan. I ordered a small cup of coffee and the super kind woman offered me oat milk and to heat up the oat milk. I just can't express the intense kindness of her treatment of me and how lovely she was in patient as I tried to figure out if there was something I could order along with a coffee!nnA beautiful place kind nicest staff thanks and gratitude!nnFor the worst please Google dr Fagelman assault youtube posted Oct 4, 2012. I was Dr Vine's patient and I had just had a cyst removed from my elbow I left a hole in my retina and I simply asked would you consider paper cups instead of Styrofoam I was berated terrible abuse and I was punched hit etc she still works there.

Suzannah Troy 4 months ago
Sacred Avalon Carol Weakland

Fantastic food! Great service! Smiles all around! Their goat cheese and roasted vegetables sandwich is fabulous!

Sacred Avalon Carol Weakland 5 months ago

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