The best (wheat-free!) macarons for Passover!

Add a stunning touch to your Passover dinner with our gorgeous collection.

After a tough 2020, we wanted to welcome spring (a season of light and warmth) with several collections that acknowledged the importance of this time’s multicultural festivities, such as Passover.

We know Passover is all about family, freedom, & really good food… so why not add French macarons to your celebration to make it even more memorable? Being naturally gluten-free, French macarons are the perfect Passover dessert that will give a fantastically gorgeous touch to your table and impress everyone in your family. And if you can’t see all your loved ones on this day, they’re also perfect as Passover gifts.

Box of 18 macarons full of all our classic and seasonal flavors, with a Happy Passover sleeve below, and a plate with Pistachio and Mint Chocolate macarons with flowers

If you’re not thaaat familiar with Passover…

Passover is one of the most known holidays in the Jewish calendar, and also one of the most elaborate. This festivity is one-week long and all consumed foods must be wheat-free in honor of the tradition that commemorates the Israelites fleeing Egypt and being only left with unrisen dough in their packs.

So, the main point of the Seder ends up being the recalling of Jewish Israelite ancestors who were freed from slavery in Egypt and brought into the Promised Land of Israel. If you’d like to know a little bit more about this interesting holiday, check this out!

Small-sized macaron pyramid with Raspberry, Rose, Honey Lavender, and Pistachio flavors with flowers on top of a white base on a green surface. In front is a white-chocolate truffle with milk-chocolate lines. Credits @spokaneplayground

Why Woops! French macarons are perfect for Pesach?

All our macarons are made with naturally gluten-free ingredients, which means our sweets never have wheat or wheat-derived products. Plus, our French macaron shells are made solely from almond flour.

Besides, they’re made with premium ingredients only: our fillings are full of Valrhona white chocolate or delicious fruit preserves. And they’re absolutely gorgeous! Just imagine… your Passover dinner table complimented with our beautiful boxes, or better yet, with our stunning pyramids! Be sure everyone will be left in awe.

This beautiful holiday also marks the beginning of spring, and is there a better way to honor this lovely season than with a display of bright-colored macarons on your table? We don’t think so!

White-mantled table with blue glass cups, teacups, purple flowers, blue books, and Honey Lavender macarons on a tiered plate. Creative Direction: @tableanddine, Photography by @danielle.delvalle
Creative Direction by @tableanddine, Photography by @danielle.delvalle

Get to know our collection!

First of all, we’re diversity lovers here. Our team is full of fantastic people (mostly women) with many different cultural, professional, and personal backgrounds. This is one of the main reasons why this spring we wanted to create various collections that could make each occasion even more special.

Woops! Box of 18 macarons with a Happy Passover sleeve and a blue plate with an assortment of macarons below, a wood plate with Matzo-Style crackers beside, a bottle of wine with a gold ribbon below, and flowers on the upper corners

The Perfect Seder Box…

Is too good to pass over 😉 This delicious box has varied flavors that will be loved by everyone. The fruit lovers can have a taste of our spectacular Strawberry macaron, coffee lovers we’ve got Espresso Macchiato for you, Cookies & Cream deliciousness, Pistachio macarons that are nuttily delicious, Dark Chocolate, and Rose goodies. Seriously, everyone will love this box!

Get a taste of all our flavors

With our spectacular Pesach Tasting Box full of all our classic and seasonal flavors. Add a colorful and delightful touch to your dinner and provide a delicious experience to your loved ones through our spectacular macaron flavors: whether it’s Lemon Tart, Raspberry, Birthday Cake, or the classic Vanilla, we’ve got them all here!

Box of 9 macarons with varied flavors, a Happy Passover sleeve below, and a plate full of Pistachio and Mint Chocolate macarons with flowers

If you’d like to provide a taste of your own

Even though all of our flavors are absolutely mouthwatering, we know that there are always going to be preferred ones. Take the reins of your dinner’s dessert and Build Your Own Passover Box! Choose from over 15 delectable flavors and create the tastiest box you’ll ever have.

And if you can’t see all your closest ones

Our collection will make for the most gorgeous Passover gifts. Pamper all your loved ones with perfect boxes that can be shipped (free) nationwide! Delicious, beautiful, and wheat-free French macarons? Who wouldn’t love it!

Explore our beautiful Pesach boxes and get inspired for this special night.

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