'Tis the sweetest day of the year, 'tis Macaron Day!

Our favorite day of the year has finally arrived.

Our favorite day of the whooole year is finally here and it marks the beginning of this long-awaited Spring, plus it’s Happiness Day as well! Coincidence? We don’t think so.

March 20th is the official Macaron Day and it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate the sun, the bees, the blooming flowers, and joy. And we all know a single box of these sweets is never enough… so get yourself & your loved ones some macaron stacks or macaron pyramids and join us in celebrating this day BIG time.

'Tis the sweetest day of the year, 'tis Macaron Day! | Woops!

“I had no idea Macaron Day existed!”

Yep, we’ve heard that a lot. But the Macaron Day tradition began back in 2005 in Paris as a partnership among local macaron patisseries. Bakers wanted to commemorate and celebrate the deliciousness, beauty, and mastery of French macarons, and also give back to local charities.

This day was first celebrated in the United States in 2010 thanks to Chef François Payard. Mac Day has been used as a way to discover old & new macaron bakeries and also to support local charities (as the French first did) through the purchase of these spectacular sweets.

'Tis the sweetest day of the year, 'tis Macaron Day! | Woops!

Now that you know more about Macaron Day…

We want all our Woopsters to be a part of this special occasion and to provide them with the best French macarons outside of Paris (we’re talking about ours, of course ;)).

Because we’re 100% committed to making the most exquisite goodies, we only make use of premium ingredients, as well as French & Italian meringue techniques in order to offer everyone the best products. Plus, all our deliciously flavorful fillings are made with premium Valrhona white-chocolate-based ganache or with fresh fruit preserves.

'Tis the sweetest day of the year, 'tis Macaron Day! | Woops!

Why Woops! in Macaron Day?

Well, because we dare say that our macarons are the best ones on this side of the pond! And we’ve got so many options where you can choose from (and over 15 flavors!).

If you’re a fruit lover, get yourself some Strawberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Créme, Lemon Meringue, or Lemon Tart macarons. Our Get Fruity box will make your tastebuds light up with flavor!

If you’ve got chocolate lovers in your life, it’s simple…get them chocolate macarons! Nutella, Dark Chocolate, & Red Velvet macarons, what’s not to love? Our Chocolate Lovers box will make them all hop and jump in delight.

If you want your Macaron Day to be as French as possible, our Parisian Flair box will make you feel abroad without moving from your house, or even from your couch. The perfect touch to this mac-nificent treat? Delicious tea or drinks!

We’d love to mention all the possibilities here but they’re (almost) endless, so please visit us or head to our webpage and get enthralled!

'Tis the sweetest day of the year, 'tis Macaron Day! | Woops!
And since this day marks the beginning of spring

We’ve all been waiting a long time for this warm season to come, so we want to celebrate it all! This year we came up with gorgeous collections for springtime, and we’re so sure you’ll love them all. At Woops! we recognize, celebrate, and embrace diversity, so check out our spectacular Holi, Easter, Passover, and spring collections that are perfect for surprising your family and friends.

'Tis the sweetest day of the year, 'tis Macaron Day! | Woops!
A little treat for our awesome communities on our favorite day

This year we want to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to the medical teams working night and day to keep us all safe. Therefore, several Woops! locations will choose a medical center near them and gift them a box of 36 macarons on Mac Day to help sweeten their day. It’s a small contribution, but we sincerely believe that it can impact our amazing medical personnel, make them smile, and sweeten their day. They deserve it big!

'Tis the sweetest day of the year, 'tis Macaron Day! | Woops!

We told you it was going to be awesomely good. So get your macaron boxes, or better yet, macaron stacks, and celebrate this deliciously joyful day with us.

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