The sweetest Teacher’s Day gifts

Get some inspo and send beautiful gifts on this Teacher’s Day!

Teachers encourage, inspire, and teach us new stuff all year long. Wouldn’t it be sweet to show them that their genuine and incredible dedication never goes unnoticed?

This 4th of May is the perfect occasion to show them some delicious appreciation since it’s Teacher’s Day! And if you, or your kids, are having classes online there’s no need to worry… we can help you out with incredible macaron boxes.

Green Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with a blue “Congratulations” sleeve, and some flowers lying around

For being such an excellent teacher. A nice reminder of what a great job they do every day is never unappreciated. After such a tough year, wouldn’t it be nice to let your teachers know that they rock just by making it work online?

And if you have kids at home, wasn’t it impressive how teachers managed to keep them connected & engaged throughout several classes a day? 2021 is the ideal year to let them know they’re admired!

Our Congratulations macaron boxes are the sweetest, most beautiful, and delicious way in which you can make your favorite teacher’s day. Explore through them and decide which one’s your favorite.

A Woops! green box of 18 printed French macarons with assorted flavors, accompanied by a “Thank You” sleeve and some purple flowers lying around

Appreciation always tastes sweet!

And much more if it comes packaged in a macaron box. Our spectacular Thank You boxes are perfect for letting the amazing professors of your life know that their efforts never go unnoticed.

One great idea is to pair this delicious gift with something he or she might like: a bag of tea, different drinks to pair them with, a nice mug, or just a handwritten card. They will add some extra magic to your macarons!

Want something flavorful?

Believe us when we say all our macarons taste great. If you want to give a delicious gift with tons of flavor to spice up this teacher’s day, our Tasting Macaron Boxes come full of all our classic & seasonal flavors… seriously, it’s the real deal.

Woops! box of 9 assorted French macarons with a “You Make the World a Better Place” sleeve and some flowers lying around
Also, you can make it your own

If you want to decide which flavors & sleeves to get, then Build Your Own Box of French macarons!

Choose your favorite goodies, how many you’d like to gift, your favorite sleeve (we highly recommend our gorgeous “You’re the Best” sleeve with a beautiful “You Make the World a Much Better Place” inscription), add a free gift note, or get a Premium Greeting Card ;), and you’re done! We promise he or she will love it.

Two Woops! boxes of 18 French macarons and two boxes of 9 French macarons with assorted flavors accompanied by several macarons lying around

Not sure what to get?

Then get some classic combinations! Creamy chocolaty flavors? Check. Fruity flavors? Check. Vanilla & Berries? Check! Berries & Chocolate? Double-check. Let us help you out with our favorite French macaron combinations that will delight anyone!

White doorstep with white and pink flowers feature a green Woops! Stack of French macarons with a golden ribbon being held by a hand
And what’s best?

Whether you order your macarons online or through same-day delivery, we can take them right to their doorstep! If you’re still doing online classes, or if the kids are still at home, then send some Teacher’s Day macaron boxes right to the professor’s doorstep. Our goodies will always arrive in top-notch conditions, we promise.

And we’ve got so much more where you can choose from! Order macarons online and skip the usual fruit basket or agenda and go for something truly spontaneous and impressive. We all know our amazing teachers deserve it 😉

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