Surprise them with ‘Happy Birthday’ macarons!

Make your employees feel cherished and special with spectacularly beautiful ‘Happy Birthday’ boxes that can be customized to your preferences!

We’re life-celebration lovers! All the big and little moments should be acknowledged and enjoyed, but isn’t getting a year older one of life’s most beautiful gifts? Taking into account your employee’s special days & occasions can make the work environment so much greater. They feel valued, cherished, and cared for, and seriously, who doesn’t love that?

A survey that delves into British business’ corporate gifting habits made by Cartwright & Butler, a luxury food and beverage provider, showed that now more than ever businesses are viewing corporate gifting as something indispensable. 

A super important part of this is that 85% of the surveyors said that their corporate gifting strategies strengthened valuable relationships. If you’d like to know more about this interesting study, you can read the full article here.

And since we’re gifting experts here ;), let us help you out with some fantastic corporate-birthday gift ideas that will make your whole team so happy their day has arrived. Start asking your employees their DOB and get ready to get inspired!

Purple Woops! box with a gold ribbon and Honey Lavender, Vanilla, and Dark Chocolate macarons

So many deliciously stunning options 

When it comes to birthday gifts there’s a looot of space to get creative. Why not skip the usual mug, cake, cookies, T-shirt, pen, or typical office-related stuff and go for something unusual, unexpected, extremely beautiful, and mouthwatering? 

Sweets are always welcome, even the fitness-lovers take this day as one to eat all of the goodies they like. A gorgeous macaron gift box is the perfect way to be spontaneously adventurous & it’s awesome for letting your team know you thought this gift through. Believe us when we say that every person that unexpectedly receives one of these boxes will be amazed! 

And if you’re all working from home, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Our macaron gift boxes can be shipped nationwide and they’ll always arrive in pristine condition.

Playtika customized black boxes with a gold ribbon with assorted macarons

Go the extra mile & make them your own!

Personalization is a super important factor when deciding and purchasing corporate gifts. If you want to create some real connection and loyalty between you and your employees, you’ve got to work on making them your allies. 

Go the extra mile and make them all feel valued! There are many ways to accomplish this, but a super useful one is by sending them a gift, and better yet, a fun & beautiful birthday gift.

Macaron Flavors

If you don’t know how to create a personalized gift, don’t dwell on it. We’ve got an amazing team of gifting experts that will always be there to help and assist you in the whole creation process. With Woops! you can customize your macaron gift box sizes & colors, sleeves, taglines, images, print company logos, and choose from over 15 spectacular flavors! And we can also assist you throughout the whole shipping process, it’s a full-on, top-notch service that you’ll love!

Check out our customization catalog and get all the details.

Woops! pink birthday box full of customized ‘Happy Birthday’ macarons

Make your incredible employees feel extra special on their day and gift them something they’ll love: a macaron gift box! We might be a bit biased here, but we’re so sure that our delightful boxes will add a deliciously sweet touch to birthdays at work.

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