The best lucky gifts for St. Patrick's Day

Get inspired for the luckiest season of the year!

Spring, we’re all so glad that you’re almost here! Awesome holidays are nearing with this warm season, and among them is one of our favorites: St. Patrick’s Day.

This year we wanted to commemorate this very green, and very lucky, season with gorgeous macaron boxes that are perfect as a sweet and colorful gift for both yourself and your closest ones.

Want the best St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas to add fortune, luck, and lots of colors to the springtime? Let us help you out!

Woops! Vanilla macarons on top of a wood board with vanilla flowers surrounding them

Perfect for your life’s lucky strike

Whether it’s for your favorite family member, amazing coworker, or that person who makes your heart beat faster, our Four-Leaf Clover macaron box will definitely express warm feelings and love in the luckiest of forms.

This gorgeous box is full of delicious classic Vanilla and nuttily spectacular Pistachio macarons, a delight of white and green anyone will love!

Woman about to open a Woops! Signature Green macaron box

Anything better than a pot of gold?

Robert Frost clamored “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, but we’re sure that our golden and premium taste will never fade. Spring is all about blooming flowers, flying bees, and bright sun, so let’s add delicious luck to this sunny combination through spectacular macarons!

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to joyously say goodbye to a long 2020 winter, so let’s do it sweetly. If you want something as good as a pot of gold, then get a box of flavorful and colorful macarons that you can build yourself.

Our beautiful Build Your Own Pot of Macarons box is the perfect treat to share with your loved ones, or with yourself, sitting in the park or in one of our cozy locations. Want to add an extra delicious touch to your macaron boxes? We’ve got you tea-covered!

Get the mischievous people of your life…

Lucky Leprechaun Tasting Boxes of macarons! Why not make a virtual St. Patrick’s party with your playful, funny friends and surprise them all with these delicious & striking boxes?

As the famous leprechaun saying goes “may the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty”, so make those hinges brighter, stronger, and durable through gorgeous colors, amazing flavor, and tons of beauty! (Yes, we’re talking about macarons here ;))

Two female hands holding pistachios and a Pistachio macaron with more Pistachio macarons in the background
Some last-minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas
  • On this lucky day, you can always plan a fun scavenger hunt around the house with your family and add clues that will lead to some of our delicious treats. as well.
  • Make a scrumptious virtual brunch with your friends! You can all dress in green tones and share macarons and drinks online.
  • You can watch classic Irish movies by yourself, with your family, friends, or even through a videocall! And, of course, include macarons and some other typical St. Patty’s treats.
  • Add music to your life and expose your ears to the Irish culture through their notes. Whether it’s classics or modern hits, you can add a great St. Patrick’s touch to your day by listening to these beats.

And there’s so much more! We’ve provided you with great St. Patty’s Day gift and activities ideas, but there’s a lot more that can be done. The tastiest first step? Some of our spectacular St. Patrick’s Day collection boxes, we promise they’ll awaken the playful leprechaun inside of you.

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