July Holidays to Keep Your Corporate Gifting Going Strong

Stay top of mind during the quieter months with these gift ideas!

Corporate gifting is an effective way to strengthen relationships, show appreciation, and stay top of mind with clients and employees. 

While holiday seasons like Christmas and New Year’s often dominate the corporate gifting landscape, there are plenty of other exciting times throughout the year to make a lasting impression. In fact, sending corporate chocolate gifts during unique holidays can be even more impactful, as it allows you to stand out when other companies may not be actively engaging with their recipients.

In this blog, we’ll explore some fun and lesser-known holidays in July that will provide the perfect opportunity to express gratitude, foster connections, and keep your brand front and center through thoughtful corporate gifting.


Four Woops! Macaron boxes with custom sleeves are on top on two French macaron boxes of 36. Lying around are some assorted macarons

Before We Start, Let’s Recap On Some of the Benefits of Corporate Gifting
  • It shows appreciation. Gifting is a great way to show your clients and employees that you appreciate their business and hard work.
  • It builds closer relationships. Gifting can help to build stronger relationships with your clients and employees.
  • It increases brand awareness. When you give gifts to your clients and employees, you are putting your brand in front of them. This can help to increase brand awareness and make your company more memorable.
  • It boosts morale. Gifting can help to boost morale and create a more positive work environment. 

P.S. Personalize your gifts whenever possible as this shows that you put in extra thought and care! Read our Nothing Says Thoughtful Like Personalization blog to find out why.


A tray full of red, white, and blue French macarons has some golden stars on top. To its side is a box of French macarons with a light blue sleeve and to the right several macaron favor boxes of two macarons

4th of July – Independence Day

As fireworks light up the sky and the nation celebrates Independence Day, seize the moment to send your clients and employees a patriotic gesture. Show your appreciation with a curated selection of red, white, and blue-themed French macaron boxes, the perfect summer desserts that all your recipients will love.

By sending these delightful corporate chocolate gifts, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to their success and create a memorable experience that strengthens your business relationships.

Other gift ideas:

  • American flag-themed items, such as flags, banners, and T-shirts
  • Patriotic snacks, such as red, white, and blue popcorn and cookies
  • Gift cards to local businesses that sell patriotic merchandise
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants that serve Fourth of July-themed food and drinks
  • BBQ grilling sets
  • Outdoor games


Graham Cracker Day – July 5th

Make the most of Graham Cracker Day and surprise your clients and employees with a delightful twist to a cookie—give them French macaron boxes! In them you can find the perfect combination between sweetness, crunch, and chocolatey goodness that will leave everyone craving for more.

Remember that it’s hard to forget a very well thought-of gift… and much less with it’s so delicious.

Other gift ideas: 

  • Graham cracker toppings: chocolate chips, marshmallows, and nuts
  • Graham cracker-flavored treats, such as cookies, bars, and ice cream
  • DIY graham cracker making kit
  • Graham cracker-inspired candle
  • S’mores kit


World Chocolate Day – July 7th

Treat your clients and employees to an exquisite selection of chocolate-flavored French macarons, just perfect as a corporate chocolate gift!

From rich dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate flavors, these delectable summer desserts are sure to leave a lasting impression and sweeten your business relationships. 

Time to engage everyone on one of the sweetest days of the year a choco-LOT.

Other great gift ideas:

  • Chocolate boxes
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Chocolate-flavored coffee or tea
  • Gift certificates to local chocolatiers
  • Custom chocolate gift boxes
  • A chocolate tasting experience


Piña Colada Day – July 10th

Transport your clients and employees to a tropical paradise on Piña Colada Day! 

What we’d choose? Refreshing summer desserts that will evoke the blissful sensation of sipping a piña colada on a sandy beach. It’d be much better if these sweets could be a perfect compliment to this delicious cocktail. 

Other gift ideas:

  • Piña colada cocktail mix
  • Beach accessories
  • Piña colada candle
  • Pineapple and coconut treats
  • Piña colada art print


Daiquiri Day – July 19th

When the summer heat reaches its peak, celebrate Daiquiri Day by sending a refreshing surprise to your recipients. 

Delight their taste buds with macaron boxes inspired by tropical daiquiri flavors—such as our Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry, and Lemon Meringue macarons. 

These summer desserts will transport them to a beachside paradise and leave a lasting impression. 

Other gift ideas:

  • A cool daiquiri mix
  • Tropical-themed cocktail glasses
  • Cocktail recipe books
  • Virtual mixology class (perfect for engaging the team!)
  • Cocktail accessories


By embracing these fun holidays and delivering unique and delicious gifts, you’ll strengthen your business relationships and leave a lasting impression that will set you apart from the competition! 

Contact us or head to your nearest Woops! location if you’d like a face-to-face meeting with one of our specialists. This summer spread joy, foster connections, and make a memorable impact on your recipients.

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