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The small-sized pyramid has 40 macarons that fit in 4 layers; the medium pyramid has 75 delicious macarons fitted in 6 layers; and the large pyramid has 200 macarons fitted in 10 layers! Awesome, we know.

Here is the layer guide in case you’d like each tier to be filled with specific colors or flavors:

1st layer: 4 macarons

2nd layer: 8 macarons

3rd layer: 13 macarons

4th layer: 15 macarons

5th layer: 16 macarons

6th layer: 19 macarons

7th layer: 26 macarons

8th layer: 30 macarons

9th layer: 32 macarons

10th layer: 37 macarons


Please note that this is an estimate – all of our macarons are hand made, and sometimes they’re a little bigger than usual. This can mean not all of them will fit on the pyramid, but we hope you still enjoy them!

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