Case Study Goparrot


Overview: GoParrot specializes in providing premium digital ordering & marketing platforms for restaurants. They’re also experts in customer service, engagement, and loyalty.
GoParrot came to us looking for help with keeping their customers engaged & excited about working with them. Our first collaboration was a holiday gifting project where we sent all of GoParrot’s clients a branded box of macarons and a book. After the success of this project, they contacted us again wanting to send another branded box to all their prospecting clients during a virtual event they led in May.

Contents and Customization: We worked with GoParrot on two different projects: the first one was a holiday gifting project where we sent a box of 18 macarons branded with a GoParrot sleeve & a customized holiday greeting card plus a book. The second project was for a virtual event where we sent their customers a box of 18 macarons branded with a GoParrot sleeve & a customized greeting card.

Shipping: For the holidays—with a short lead time—we shipped 120 gifts to GoParrot’s customers’ home addresses and they arrived just in time for the New Year celebration. For the spring virtual event, 100 gifts were delivered and they all arrived on the same day & time to complement the schedule of the event.


Woops! gift boxes with branded custom sleeves


We worked with Woops! on gifts for New Year 2021 for our customers, partners, and employees in the US. We sent a beautiful custom-designed box of macarons and the ‘Startup Nation’ book plus a handwritten note. We got an excellent and professional service from the Woops! team and our customers, partners, and employees loved the macarons. We got so many positive responses and thank you emails. We highly recommend working with them.

Yaniv | GoParrot


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