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Let's celebrate all types of love in all its colors and hues.

We’re so happy that the loveliest time of the year is here! Even though we might not celebrate this season hugging and kissing each other, we still wanted to make this festivity as magical as it always is—one where all types of love, in all their beautiful colors and hues, are celebrated.

Seeing the amazing response that our Thankful Giveaway received inspired us to do a second one on our favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day! We’re so, so happy to be able to spread joy, and most importantly, LOVE to all our amazing customers.

Our Lovely Giveaway starts on 1/14 and ends on 2/4 & entering is easy-peasy: just get subscribed to our newsletter and you’re in! And since we like to make everything a little bit more fun and swoon-worthy, we came up with ways in which you can get extra entries. Want a chance to win the loveliest French macarons outside of Paris? Enter now!

Hope you love our giveaway & our macarons as much as we love YOU! ❤️

The Woops! Team

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