Woops! x Circles Collaboration

Life's not always sweet, we get it

The holidays are here, and even though it may be a beautiful season full of joy for some, it can be extra hard for those going through a tough time.

For this reason, we decided we wanted to raise awareness about mental health by partnering up with Circles, an emotional support platform that ensures no one has to overcome life’s challenges alone.

If you lost a loved one, if you’re feeling lonely, struggling in a relationship, or suffering from heartache, come join Circles & get matched with a small group of people who are facing similar challenges. Here you’ll find mutual support, build resilience and get better—together—in online sessions guided by mental health professionals.

Get signed up and use code WOOPS2M to get 2 months of FREE access to Circles as a gift from your friends at Woops!

You’re not alone,

The Woops! Team

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