5 reasons to gift macarons this year

Gift your loved ones something thoughtful, colorful, and delicious.

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty and challenges, but also hope and anticipation for what’s coming. A year so unique and challenging calls for special and kind gestures toward the people you care about the most. If you can’t see them personally, find some other ways to transmit your love. Yes, we might be a little biased, but there’s no better way to express your feelings than with some carefully chosen French macarons (that you can even buy online, yay). 

What is it about these sweets that make everyone feel so special, excited, and happy? Read on to find out why a box full of these delicious and colorful treats is the perfect gift for the holidays. 


After such a hard year, it’s time to give your loved ones something extra special and unique.

We all love thoughtful gifts. Your dearest ones will know you’ve invested time and care selecting a gift for them once they see some flavors and colors they love, wrapped up in a beautiful box with a designed sleeve.

Make it personal and unconventional, be extraordinary, and think to yourself: what can I do to make someone feel good and exceptional in this last month of the year? Some flavourful macarons will surely deliver your warm message.

Macaron stack with assorted flavors, holiday sleeves, and a ribbon on top


There’s something about macarons that simply brings people together. Eating them is an experience you naturally want to talk about. They’re so delightful and flavorful that they ought to be shared.

Send your loved ones some macarons and let them have a wonderful experience. Why not do some virtual blind tasting? Or have them with some drinks

There are many ways to enjoy our different macaron flavors, so tell everyone to be ready to have a sensational experience that’ll bring you all closer around a dinner table, a Christmas tree, a fireplace, or just anywhere.

Mommy blogger with her little son enjoying a Holiday Red Velvet macaron. Credits: @fashionandford


2020 has been a year of being indoors, so let’s gift something that can offer diverse flavors from all around the world.

Feel like you’re in France with some Caramel Fleur de Sel or Rose macarons, in Italy with some Pistachio and Nutella ones, or simply feel more at home with a sweet American Blueberry Cheesecake treat.

Bring diversity to the table and give anyone a taste of different cultures through some exquisite macaron flavors. Let’s go abroad with no passport required!

Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Fleur de Sel, and Honey Lavender macarons with some champagne


Yes! Macarons are so incredibly pretty, and we make them even prettier with our beautiful boxes and sleeves, or even by customizing them according to your desires. Macarons have a je ne sais quoi that makes everything that they’re involved in more appealing and charming. 

Sometimes we’re all about aesthetics and prettiness, and we know it’s cool to show all those beautiful things to the world. For all of you Instagramer Woopsters and social media lovers, we assure you that our macs will make your pictures even better. Share their beauty, everyone will love it. 

So, get that camera ready, strike a pose, and eat some macarons!

Little boy gazing at Woops! macaron counter credits: @homeonhavana


Nowadays macarons have become more common than they used to be. You can find them in tons of bakeshops and even supermarkets. What we’re proud of at Woops! is that we create the most authentic French macarons outside of Paris. So yes, you can get macarons in Costco, but Woops! Macarons are oh! so much better. 

In Woops! we only use premium ingredients that are hand-picked from all around the world. Our macaron shells’ crunchiness is so satisfying because they’re made using free-range and fresh eggs. We don’t use buttercream for our fillings, instead, we use spectacular Valrhona White Chocolate Ganache. Besides using non-GMO ingredients, all of our macs are also naturally gluten-free.

Be sure you’ll get the best macs with Woops!

Honey Lavender, Espresso, and Caramel Fleur de Sel macarons stacked up credit: @foodfaceny

There’s no better time than the present, so get that special someone a delicious and thoughtful gift this holiday season.

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