Along with being generally amazing, our best friends have been scientifically proven to make us healthier and happier. Even though June is the month that we celebrate National Best Friend Day, every day is a great day to shower your bestie with gifts that show your love and appreciation. We’ve pulled together suggestions for colorful, eye-catching presents for your most precious pal. I See Your True Colors!

1. First up, we love the idea of a mani/pedi in a jar. Stock up on nail files, tiny versions of your BFF’s favorite lotions, and nail polish in her favorite colors (pink shades always make adoration known). Wrap it all up in a mason jar, add a cute note, and she’ll be on her way to some major at-home pampering. Throw in a couple of sheet masks for good measure, and you’ve just scheduled a relaxing spa night for two.

2. If your bestie loves sweets and beautiful packaging, a box of colorful macarons will make for a seriously special Best Friend day. Make the box extra personal: pick out flavors that you know she loves or that relate to a particular memory you’ve shared. Don’t forget to include a beautiful handwritten card expressing your gratitude, thoughts, and hopes for many more years of friendship to come!

Red Velvet cake with mints, cream, and macarons around

3. Handmade jewelry really gives an extra personal touch that can be incredibly meaningful. And friendship bracelets aren’t just for kids! Get crafty with beautiful beads in your BFF’s favorite hues to create a gorgeous gift (plus one for you to match, obviously). Red can add a feeling of boldness, while yellow gives a feeling of happiness. Extra points for incorporating a personal charm or element that symbolizes something you’ve shared together.

4. Everybody loves a gorgeous bouquet of flowers; this year, pick some blooms for your BFF that have special meaning. Stumped? Purple is related to royalty and perfect for a bestie who embodies ambition and independence.

5. Everything is digital these days, and it’s easy to forget how nice it can be to hold precious memories in your hands. Pick out fave pics of you and your BFF together and create a photo scrapbook – a quick trip to your craft store will get you all the supplies you need. You can cover the book in beautiful patterned paper and add colorful embellishments, like stars or dried flowers, throughout. Cue happy tears.

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