Sweeten your Valentine with Woops!

2021 is the year to spread and share true love. Do it with some French macarons.

2020 was an unusual and difficult year for most of us, so why not make 2021 as sweet as it can be? Let’s make this year an incredible one! It’s time to set and reach new goals, do things we haven’t taken the time to do, and begin appreciating the little things in life, the little moments with our loved ones. It’s time to really be present and to live life here and now. 2021 is the year to spread and share true love. 

Our new year’s resolution? To keep on helping all of our clients make their days and seasons more delightful, unique, and unforgettable. Psst, Valentine’s is coming!

We know that every moment matters

A warm hug, a sweet kiss, a delicious Tuesday dinner, a glass of crisp and cold champagne, or a hot afternoon coffee can be made even better with some French macarons by your side. We will always strive to offer all of our customers beautiful, colorful, and mouthwatering treats that add some magic to every occasion.

Lovely ideas for this Valentine’s Day

We know gathering with your loved ones is still a bit difficult. If you can’t spend this Valentine’s Day with your special person, some macarons delivered to his or her doorstep will transmit all those sweet, beautiful feelings in your heart.

This new year you can start new traditions and give little tokens of love to your couple, family, friends & coworkers. A Thanks For Your Love favor box with Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, and Rose macarons is the perfect way to show gratitude for their love and support. Or flutes up! Some Rosé, Please favor boxes go perfect with champagne and loved ones.

Woops! Valentine's Day macaron favor boxes of 2 and 3

Express your feelings to that person that makes your heart beat a little faster with a Macnificent Love box full of Dark Chocolate, Rose, and Raspberry macarons, or deliver a sweet love note with an I Love You To the Mac and Back macaron stack.

Woops! Valentine's Day macaron boxes with I Love You sleeve

Let that special someone know you’re crazy about them with a spectacular Wild About Berries And You box that will give a passionate message of love. And if you want something that towers above all else, an Over The Moon pyramid is a fabulous option, and yes…we’ve heard people gasp when they see its beauty! Plus they’re so easy to assemble!

Woops! Valentine's Day macaron box with "Happy Valentine's Day" sleeve and a cute pyramid

Fall in love with this quick tutorial:

You can get these sweets from our beautiful Valentine’s Day Collection by shopping online or going to your nearest Woops! store. Or if you need help to decide on what to get for your darling, contact us so that our experts can assist you in finding something that’s lovely & unforgettable. There’s no doubt that little gestures of romance and passion add some delicious, warm sweetness to life.

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