A lot of surprises inside a macaron box

A macaron box: the perfect pick-me-up for a special someone.

Food works perfectly to demonstrate affection, and it’s even better when you add the element of surprise. How many times has food been a comfort in moments of sadness, anguish, and even in moments of great defeat? Food gives us comfort and it’s the perfect gift for almost any occasion. In these difficult times, a surprise macaron box could be the perfect pick-me-up for that special loved one.

Woops! Favor boxes

A box of macarons allows you to show how much you care in many different ways. We encourage you to browse all of our colorful macarons. When you select which ones you want in your macaron box, make it a thoughtful choice and think about what colors or flavors remind you of them and why, or of certain moments you shared together, or simply select the flavors that you know they’ll love. Match their personality with the flavors and colors of your choice. Our personal favorites for this fall are:

Caramel Fleur de Sel

One of our all-time favorites, this macaron is filled with made-in-house caramel and a pinch of Fleur de Sel. This light brown macaron is a perfect flavor to enjoy from the coziness of your blankets while watching a movie with a cup of pumpkin spice. Order an assorted box to enjoy on a sweet evening.

Woops! Caramel Fleur de Sel macarons


Honey Lavender

This bright purple macaron combines the flavors of sweet honey and aromatic lavender. It’s the perfect fall flavor to celebrate the little moments in life, such as being able to take a short walk at the park, breathe some fresh air, and evoke Paris in the fall. Definitely Instagram’s most photogenic flavor of the season. See it for yourself…

Woops! Honey Lavender macarons


Espresso Macchiato

Real espresso-infused ganache topped with premium coffee beans. The perfect flavor to say thank you to that special friend that stood by your side at all times. If you miss having that warm cup of coffee with your BFF like in the old days, send them a few Espresso Macchiato macarons. They’re better enjoyed over video chat and will have them feel the love no matter the distance!

Woops! Espresso Macchiato macarons


Dark Chocolate

This macaron sure reminds us of autumn! The creamy fudge-like center is reminiscent of a cup of hot cocoa. If you know someone who could use a reminder that you’re in their corner, send them a macaron box. You can’t go wrong with something deep and comforting, they’ll for sure be thankful.

Woops! Dark Chocolate macarons


Don’t forget we offer nationwide shipping to any address in the U.S. Follow us on Instagram to check other flavor highlights and promotions. Happy fall!

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