Start new traditions and make the season special with joyful macarons

This year has presented its fair share of challenges, and it’s more difficult than usual to gather together for the holidays. But the season is still a fantastic time to celebrate the people closest to us and to share in the generosity and beauty of these winter months. So rethink the holidays, sweet gestures and gifts, no matter how small, can make a world of difference for the people we care about. And there are still so many ways to mark special occasions for loved ones and those who have supported us this year.

Festive dessert ideas for small gatherings

Office parties and spirited holiday get-togethers with the extended family may be off the table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a gorgeous dessert display to share with the people you’ll be spending holidays with at home. It’s a simple way to start a new tradition and bring a feeling of warmth and kindness to the occasion.

If you’re looking to delight your loved ones with something cheerful and celebratory (with minimal fuss!), a holiday macaron pyramid is a fabulous option. To start, they’re breathtaking—we’ve heard people gasp when they see a towering pyramid. Pyramids are colorful, festive, and customizable with your favorite flavors and holiday touches. And they’re so easy to create!

Here’s a quick tutorial for inspiration:

For something with a little less height, you could also try a different display that’s still packed with flavor. We love a holiday-themed macaron dessert plate. First, pick out a good amount of macarons in holiday colors and flavors (a box of 27 or 36 should do the trick). Fill your favorite seasonal serving bowl or cake platter. Gently nestle seasonal items, such as small pinecones, glittery stars, or sprigs of holly lightly throughout the macarons. You want your loved ones to feel welcome to snack, so avoid overwhelming the treats!

For a memorable final touch, you can thread a thin strand of LED Christmas lights through the bowl (just be sure not to use too high a wattage, since only s’mores are meant to be melted…)

Creative gifting guidance

Macarons are also an ideal choice for thoughtful holiday gifting this year. Whether handed over in person, or shipped across the country to be opened together over a video chat, you’ll impart a generous message of care and gratitude by picking out sweets that are tailored to your loved one, friend, or colleague. Macarons are delicate and delicious. With such a wide variety of flavors, each of which evokes different feelings and memories, you can personalize your gift to suit whoever you’re treating. Woops! gift boxes are also beautiful objects in and of themselves, perfect for reusing as a jewelry or keepsake box as a little bonus.

For the kids, so mini and cute, so you can’t go wrong with a mini (and cute) macaron stack. Maybe your office is still doing a secret Santa this year, or you need to find stocking stuffers. Problem solved: premium favor boxes filled with Raspberry, Pistachio, and Vanilla macarons.

We’ve all leaned on each other a lot this year, so you may have someone you want to thank for their unwavering support. Our Gratitude box will express your feelings with delightful Caramel Fleur de Sel, Espresso Macchiato, Raspberry, Pistachio, and Lemon Tart macarons. Perhaps you usually head to a relative or friend’s house for holiday feasting but won’t be able to make it this year. Send them a Prettier than Pie box so they can end their meal satisfied and feeling close to you.

Do you know someone who hasn’t tried macarons yet, or who, on the flip side, is a mega macaron fan? Our rainbow of a Tasting Box, featuring all of our classic and seasonal flavors, is a wonderful option. And for that picky friend or family member who prefers to blaze their own trail, you can’t go wrong with a Woops! gift card.

If you need help deciding on a gift, please contact us so that our experts can help you find something that’s delicious, eye-catching, and just right.

This year, and every year, let’s keep spreading the joy of shared memories from near and far, celebrating all of the kindness that keeps us feeling close.

Red Velvet cake with mints, cream, and macarons around

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