The amazing perks of pre-ordering your Mother’s Day macarons!

Pre-order now your Mother's Day macaron boxes & get ready to impress your beautiful mama.

We know that life sometimes tends to get in the way of… almost everything, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to not celebrate one of the year’s most important days: Mother’s Day!

And why do we say this day is one of the most important holidays? Well, because mothers are some of the most admirable and incredible human beings that exist. If you’re used to procrastinating, don’t let time catch up with you and get on planning something awesome for your mama. How does some gorgeous French macarons gift boxes sound ;)?

This year we came up with delicate, sweet, beautiful, and stunning boxes for our Mother’s Day Collection! And since we want everyone to be able to gift their mom some delicious and impressive Woops! gifts, you can pre-order them right now.

What are you waiting for to order your sweet mama’s gift?

A dark-haired mother with a gray sweater is looking at the camera while kissing her baby. The baby has light brown hair, has a beige-with- blue-balls overall, and a striped shirt, he is looking at a Rose macaron he’s holding in his hand.

Why should you pre-order?

It’s never a bad idea to plan and buy your presents a little bit ahead of time to ensure that everything turns out as expected. On special occasions, such as this one, our limited-edition boxes can get sold out really fast, but if you pre-order you can be 100% sure that you’ll have availability to any number of gift boxes you desire.

You can select the exact date when you’d like your macarons to be delivered!

By ordering your beautiful Mother’s Day Collection French macarons gift boxes online, you’ll be able to select the exact date on which you’d like your goodies to be delivered and you’ll always be at the top of our list.

And don’t worry at all, your macarons will (of course) arrive as fresh as a daisy. Red Velvet macarons, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla, and oh! so much more.

A pink background and a marble table with a macaron boxes stack: at the bottom is a box of 18 macarons with a pink and little purple figures sleeve, the middle one is an of 9 macarons with a purple sleeve, and at the top is a box of 3 macarons with a purple sleeve, they’re all joined together by a golden ribbon. In front of the stack is an assortment of macarons in different flavors


If you pre-order from our Mother’s Day Collection you’ll get a FREE greeting card plus FREE shipping! Isn’t this amazing? It’s just another reason why pre-ordering is an awesome idea… always. And rest easy, if she’s not near you we offer a top-notch nationwide shipping service.

White background with a woman in a blue dress holding a Strawberry, Lemon Tart, Raspberry, Honey Lavender, Pistachio, and Mint Chocolate macarons close to the camera.

Get to know our collection!

We’ve got sooo many delicious flavors, colors, French macarons gift box sizes, and eye-catching Mom’s Day sleeves she will undoubtedly love!

A light pink background has a white and gold plate full of different flavored macarons and flowers on top, beside it are 4 macarons a 2 tiny flowers and at the right side of the picture is a box of 2 macarons with Rose, Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla flavors and the box’s lid is below and has a “Mother’s Day” sleeve

Plus, our collection has…

Favor boxes that are perfect as a little gift for your grandma, aunts, or any other mother in your life.

Boxes for the chocolate lovers! Our I <3 You More Than Chocolate box of 18 delicious goodies is filled with spectacularly creamy & chocolatey flavors! Dark Chocolate, Nutella, Mint Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Caramel Fleur de Sel, and Red Velvet macarons… we’re drooling here.

BIG impressive macarons stacks! A My Towering Love For You Signature Macaron Stack will satisfy her sweet cravings and make her gasp in joy with their eye-catchingly beautiful colors. 20+ macarons in so many yummy flavors? She’ll love it.

A dark blue door has two little, blonde boys sitting on the stairs in front of it. The smiling boy at the left is holding a purple Woops! Box of 18 macarons with a golden ribbon, beside him is a baby with a gray sweater and jeans holding a bouquet of yellow, pink, and white flowers in his left hand.

And there’s so much more! So start planning your Mother’s Day gift with us and pre-order NOW, we promise your mom will be delighted.

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