The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Mom-ployees

Get inspired & deliver some sweet gifts to the incredible moms of your team on this Mother’s Day.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, the holidays always find a way to sneak up on all of us. Now that Mother’s Day is coming up the time window for ordering stunning corporate gifts is beginning to slide forward, but don’t worry ‘cause you’ve still got some time to place your gift orders with us.

As always, we’re here to help you out with the most incredible corporate gifts to take the load off your shoulders (psst, some macaron boxes will always work wonders by the way).

Two women crossing their arms and eating French macarons while looking at each other and smiling

Say goodbye to the same old, same old

Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide and honors some of the best humans there are: moms! Being a mother is a huge work and responsibility by itself, but being a working mom is close to being a hero.

We might be biased, but we’re sure that some macaron boxes can effortlessly convey all the admiration and appreciation you’ve got for your team’s mamas, so say goodbye to the usual flowers, photo frames, & chocolates, and open the doors to something unique & spontaneous.

A box full of 9 assorted French macarons has another box with a Mother’s Day sleeve and some flowers to its side.
For this super important day

We came up with a gorgeous Mother’s Day Collection that’s full of beautiful boxes that your working moms will undoubtedly love! What’s better than giving a beautiful gift? Giving a beautiful gift full of mouthwatering flavors.

Gifting macarons is always top, but gifting limited-edition Mom’s Day boxes is a whole other level, and what’s better… we can do the whole work for you. 😉

Two women hugging and one of them is holding a flower bouquet and a small box of Woops! macarons

Stack them up!

Step up your gifting game with an impressive macaron stack! Our Only The Best For Mom stack brings together the tart, sweet, and crispy deliciousness of our top-notch French macarons plus the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth sensations of our authentic Argentinian alfajores that are full of spectacular dulce de leche.

A box full of assorted French macarons has a plate with 4 French macarons above. To the left is a French macaron box with a Mother’s Day sleeve and a bouquet of flowers.

So many colors, deliciousness, and love!

Our collection also features our spectacular I Love You So Much macaron tasting box full of a mouthwatering assortment of all our classic and seasonal flavors. If you want the mothers of your team to have a taste of all the good stuff, then this is the box you didn’t know you were looking for.

A woman is holding a French macaron to her daughter’s mouth. On both sides of the woman are two little girls holding Birthday Cake French macarons in their hands.

Make them your own!

Make your Mother’s Day gifting experience more personalized and thoughtful by figuring out which flavors they love best. Our Build Your Own Mama’s Day box lets you choose the macarons you’d like to include in your gift.

Just imagine each of your mom-ployees opening their gorgeous macaron boxes and finding their favorite goodies? Expect smiles from ear to ear!

Several stacks of Woops! macaron boxes of 9 and 3 with a ribbon on them and assorted macarons on plastic trays

And as we mentioned before

We can do the whole work for you! Please, let us take the load off your shoulders and help you craft something perfect for this Mother’s Day at work.

The whole process is sooo easy & simple: the first thing you must do is choose which boxes you’d like. Afterward, get in touch with us and tell us your name, phone number, email, and an estimate of how many boxes you’re interested in buying.

As soon as we have your info we’ll put you in contact with one of our Gifting Concierges who will send you a proper quote and arrange everything for you.

A purple door and a stack of Woops! green macaron boxes with a golden ribbon being held by a hand

And the cherry on top of the macaron

Go through our beautiful collection of Mother’s Day macaron boxes and choose what you’d like to gift them this year!

If you’d like your boxes to be sent to the homes of your mom-ployees, please let us know their addresses and we’ll ship them directly to their homes. Macarons at your doorstep? Who wouldn’t love it!

And yes, it’s as wow and as simple as it sounds. We’re gifting experts here, so think no more, and let us take the whole load of Mother’s Day-corporate gifting off of you.

We promise you’ll stun the amazing mommas of your team with these mac-nificent macaron gift boxes!

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