Macarons, the perfect sweet for corporate gifts

Gifting is a great way to express your appreciation to clients and employees.

If you’re thinking about what could be the perfect gift for that special client or employee, and can’t seem to find the perfect option, look no further, macarons are the ideal corporate gift. You handle business, we’ll handle the pleasure. Now more than ever, it’s important to acknowledge them, even if you can’t do it in person this year. 

Our beautiful, premium macarons are always a great gift, even better when they’re meant to celebrate a special achievement or honor a special date for your clients and employees. If you’re not good with words and don’t know what to say, no worries–macarons speak louder than words. These treats will leave an excellent impression.

Woops! gift boxes with branded custom sleeves

Woops! macarons embody the real deal for corporate gifts. France’s most known treat just a click away from you and being delivered all around the country. Colorful, elegant, and mouth-watering macarons are made from imported premium ingredients and are hand made by the best-experienced chefs. The results? High quality in every single bite that will leave your colleagues or clients in awe. Just one bite and they’ll be reminiscing Paris. 

Woops! Customized macarons

Sure, macarons are flawless, but if you want to make yours even more unique, you’re in luck! You can print your company’s name, logo, or any colored image on your macs. Let your imagination fly, we can make it happen. You can also create a custom sleeve to give your boxes your own personal touch. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your company every step of the way, from the packaging to the yummy treats. 

Select from our variety of flavors and colors the ones you like the most. We have options for everyone. You can’t go wrong with Dark Chocolate for corporate traditions, a classic option like Vanilla for milestones, Birthday Cake to celebrate a special date or anniversary, or Blueberry Cheesecake to set your mind on a new challenge. 

Visit our website and place your order, our online shopping experience is quick and easy. For more information, contact your local Woops!, call 718-576-6723, or email events@bywoops.com. We have the best team ready to help you along the process. Corporate gifts like you’ve never seen!

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