French macaron boxes: the star of our dinner

Give Thanksgiving dinner a special and colorful touch

It’s been a tough year! Lockdowns, limitations to meet loved ones, lack of travel, being cooped up in the house, kids’ schooling online, and so on. As Thanksgiving approached, I wanted to make Thanksgiving memorable, in an already memorable year. I wanted to showcase a new treat for the dinner table. French macarons are the family’s favorite ever since we did a summer trip to Paris. To break the tradition of Pecan Pie, I decided to have French macaron boxes at the dessert table. Wow, what a hit! 

Forget the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. After leaving a little beautiful favor box of two French macarons on each guest’s plate, we all gorged on various flavors such as Pistachio, Cookies & Cream, Nutella, and Birthday Cake.

Fall Woops! macarons and flowers

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider macarons for your holiday table:

Everyone loves French macarons

The colors, flavors, playfulness, being able to share various bites, and mixing and matching. They create joy, fun, and bring new energies to the table.

They’re beautiful

Let’s face it, holidays are now closely intertwined with Instagram and Facebook culture. How do you make your holiday look better? Macarons! No wonder macarons are the darling of Instagram and most photographed confection. 

Macarons don’t break the calorie bank

A slick of pie can run you up in calories. Macarons, on the other hand, at 100 calories, or so, per piece.

Being different

Tradition has its place, but people these days want unique experiences. Macarons bring that to the table and allow you, as a host, to be different.

They’re customizable

Discover Woops! macarons and their ability to help customize your event. For my Holiday macarons, I got custom messages printed on them to make the dessert experience even more memorable.

Simple and easy process

Woops! macarons made my whole shopping experience easy. I even got delivery from my local Woops! with a smile and on time. They have the best customer service!

A sweet personal gift 

Besides the fact that everyone loves them, macarons are such an easy gift to allow people to take home. Small favor boxes are perfect for the giveaway occasion.

Fall favorite Woops! macarons flavors

Despite the undoubtedly challenging year we’ve all gone through, there’s still so much I am thankful for: being healthy, safe, and with family are definitely the top ones. But this year I’m also thankful for the French Macarons I discovered with Woops! Yeah, 2020 was hard, but Woops! came to the rescue for my Thanksgiving family dinner and turned it into a huge success. I hope your holiday dinners become such a wonderful surprise as well.

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