Macaron gift boxes for Employee Appreciation Day

Be spontaneous and make this day unforgettable!

March 5th marks the National Employee Appreciation Day, and while we may not need a special holiday to appreciate our team’s hard work, it’s still nice to take this opportunity as an excuse to extend a special ‘thank you’ to all of the awesome people who’ve been working by our side through thick and thin.

2020 was a year full of hardships and unknown-ground, but it taught us that with dedication and hard work every challenge can be overcome. How could we have ever survived such a tough period without the help and support of our amazing employees? It would have been much harder, if not impossible.

Woops! employee smiling behind a counter of a bakeshop

This year’s Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude, and even love, to all those who worked remotely and still gave their 100%. Also, to all those who still went to work despite the circumstances and to those who put in extra effort every single day. A sweet ‘thank you because you didn’t give up’ gift doesn’t entirely cover it, but it still delivers.

Want to make this year’s Employee Appreciation Day even more memorable & meaningful through premium gifts? Check this out.

French macarons being wrapped and in Woops! boxes
Make it personal and close.

We all know it’s so much better when we’re individually recognized. Something that always works? Use the person’s name, identify which aspects make him or her different from others (it could be her great attitude every morning, or his great motivational speeches at the end of the month), or mention something that person did that was significant for the company.

So get those gifts customized and make them your own!

Two Woops! employees behind the counter holding a box of French macarrons

Meaningful is the new black.

Leave the oh-so-common gift cards in the past and make this Employee Appreciation Day different and special with French macaron gift boxes. It’s awesome to be able to strengthen your connection with your team through beautiful somethings that are able to deliver a warm, caring message.

Our spectacular corporate gifting service is ideal for anyone who wishes to craft the perfect premium gifts for this exceptional day.

Assortment of Woops! colorful macaron pyramids of different sizes

Even at work, there’s a lot of space to be fun & creative.

Giving the same type of gift year after year is definitely boring. Why don’t you shake it up and make these Employee Appreciation Day gifts as awesome as they can be? 

Do something your staff members aren’t expecting! A gigantic pyramid full of customized macarons? A huge stack of French macaron gift boxes with custom sleeves? Party favors with assorted macaron flavors? What could ever go wrong?

Woops! Macaron boxes and custom sleeves with corporate logos printed on them
And if they’re at home…

Remoteness is the new 2021-way of working. Lots of people are operating from home and we know it can get solitary at times. Make your whole team feel closer to one another and plan a macaron blind tasting game through a Zoom call with them!  And if you haven’t had time to plan ahead, worry no more ‘cause you can always order same-day delivery & local pickup in your nearest Woops!

Woops! assortment of printed macarons with logos and taglines

There are many ways in which you can make this special day even more unique for your whole crew. Reach out to us, we’re right here to help you craft spectacular, delicious, & customized presents for the people who make working every day so much better.

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