Lunar New Year Gift Ideas

Wish your closest ones good luck and fortune with gifts from our LNY collection!

Besides being the most important festival in China, Lunar New Year is also a season of giving. After a tough 2020, we decided to finally come up with a LNY collection that honored this traditional celebration. We were fortunate to have the help of Jenny Zheng, a top Chinese fashion & lifestyle influencer, who designed for us a beautiful Insta-worthy Lunar New Year sleeve for our boxes.

This year, we’d love to help you out with some incredible and proper Lunar New Year gift ideas for your family and friends. This is the perfect season to wish all your loved one’s good fortune and amazing luck in 2021, so why not do it the sweetest way? We’re right here to help you!

Red, yellow, and gold for prosperity and wealth

First of all, when choosing a great Lunar New Year gift you should take into account the colors, even those of the wrapping paper or package box: you should avoid white since it’s associated with funerals, and black because it’s a synonym of death.

Grid of Lemon Tart French macarons

Your best choices will always be red, yellow, and gold as they symbolize wealth and prosperity. A money envelope, a teaware, or some candies are all perfectly welcome. If you want to add a sweet and spontaneous touch to your gift, our Red Velvet and Lemon Tart macarons will express your good wishes through their red and yellow tones, or add a delicious touch of gold with some Honey Lavender sweets that have a luxurious gold brush on their shell.

Give your fruit basket a fun and delicious twist

Fruit baskets are a proper and common Lunar New Year gift that’s perfect for anyone. You can assemble them at home or get them ready at a supermarket or shop. Tip: Giving oranges and apples is recommended since they symbolize fortune and safety.

Box of macarons filled with flavors of your choice, packaged with a Lunar New Year sleeve

You can give your fruit basket a fun twist with one of our Build Your Own Year Of The Ox box filled with your choice of flavors. Choose some of our fruit-flavored macarons, such as Strawberry and Raspberry, and graciously complement your delicious gift.

For your sweet grandma or grandpa

Grandparents make our lives so much better. If you’re fortunate enough to have yours by your side, demonstrate your love and affection by treating them to a little relaxation. In traditional Chinese medicine, massages are an effective way to repair our bodies. A foot bath massager will improve your favorite elder’s foot blood circulation, perfect for this winter season.

Woops! box filled with Honey Lavender, Rose, and Red Velvet macarons, packaged with a Lunar New Year sleeve

You can add a touch of flavor to their relaxation with an exquisite Blossoming 2021 macaron box, what better way to wish them tons of health in the coming year?

Perfect for the little ones!

Gift something sweet to those little bundles of happiness and love! Whether it’s your own kid, your nephew, or just a little human you love, some clothes, books, school supplies, or candies are always a good present.

Woops! box filled with Dark Chocolate, Nutella, Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, and Caramel Fleur de Sel macarons, packaged with a Lunar New Year sleeve

This year warm their hearts, wish them healthy growth, and luck in their lives with something different and unexpected. Play it safe with a combination that everyone loves: our Berry Lucky box is full of mouthwatering Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, and Strawberry macarons that will make them smile and jump with joy!

Some last tips, Woopster

Some things you should always remember when giving Lunar New Year gifts: remove the price tag, always give your gifts in a box or bag and with both hands, & begin your gift-giving with the oldest person in the room.

Lunar New Year is the perfect time to let all your loved ones know you wish them the best. Express your heart’s true feelings and good thoughts through perfect gifts for this occasion, and let us help you add a little more exquisiteness to this spectacular tradition. We wish you all tons of good luck and fortune in 2021!

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