Why celebrate Galentine’s Day with Woops!?

Gift your friends a spectacular and thoughtful gift they will adore.

Urban Dictionary defines Galentine’s as “the other half of Valentine’s Day, when you celebrate your love for your lady friends! single or no”. With Valentine’s so close, it’s easy for your love calendar to fill up fast, but why not take some time out of it to spoil and pamper your BFF? 

Recent studies have found that spending time with friends has a positive impact on our brain health, meaning that spending time with some of our favorites is not only fun but also makes our brain stronger! We’d love for you to have a good time, for your brain to be healthier ;), and for you to surprise your loved ones with delicious somethings that make them smile in joy.

After a tough 2020, this is the perfect time to celebrate all the good in our lives, including our best friend. Here are some reasons why you should celebrate having that awesome lady in your life with some macarons, and don’t worry, we’ll help you with awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

Two little girls hugging each other holding French macarons in their hands
Because you’ve been there for me through it all

Before boyfriends or girlfriends, that awesome friend was there through everything: that horrible first breakup or the first time you fell in love, that time you couldn’t think straight because of an awful hangover, or when she was there helping you get ready for your first date.

A friend so unique deserves something spontaneous and thoroughly thought out: Our I Love You To The Macaron And Back stack is the perfect way to manifest your unconditional support the sweetest way, plus it’ll leave her wide-eyed with delight! 

Because no matter the distance, we’ll always be there for each other

We know life tends to get in the way of things, including friendships. Some friends simply fall apart, while others remain there no matter what. Even if your best friend is on the other side of the country and you don’t get to see her much, make it known you’re always there for her no matter the distance.

We know the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for her would be to tell you to take a plane and surprise her, but that might be difficult. On the other hand… sending a Macnificent Love box of macarons is not 😉 Express the magnitude of your love with this thoughtful, beautiful gift. Believe us, she won’t expect it.

Two friends dressed up celebrating outside of a Woops! bakeshop

Because you make every moment better!

Whether it’s going out for drinks, having a picnic at the park, or just a video call, your best friend can make it all so much better.

If you can’t treat her to a magical trip to Paris (we all dream with this haha), here’s a great Valentine’s Day gift idea to make her feel loved and abroad: Our Sweet Amour macaron box is reminiscent of a Parisian café on a hot summer’s day.

Moms with babies in a Woops! bakeshop eating French macarons

Because I love you…

We don’t always need a season or reason to express our love since it’s always within us, but still, it’s so nice to have a special occasion to let our closest ones know how much we adore them.

Show the towering height of your love to your best friend with a Je t’aime macaron pyramid. Sometimes words are not enough, so let us help you out with something that conveys what you’re feeling in your heart.

We gave you some reasons why we love our best friends so much, but truthfully they’re endless! Make your BFF feel even more special by celebrating this Galentine’s with beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for her from our spectacular & delightful collection.

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