DIY Chocolate Dipped Macarons

We’ve heard it said that chocolate is an essential ingredient for instant happiness, and we really couldn’t agree more. If you’re looking for a way to make a sweet gift or party favor really stand out this year, how about pulling out all the stops and showing your macarons extra love with a DIY Chocolate Dipped Macarons? Whether you’re making treats for kids, planning a get together with friends, or hosting a more intimate gathering for two, follow these simple steps that will show a simple box of chocolates how it’s really done.


Once you’ve got all your ingredients set up, dip your macarons one by one into the melted dark chocolate (you may want to use a stick so your fingers don’t get covered), and then sprinkle some toppings while the chocolate is still wet. Place each macaron back in their holder or on wax paper, and freeze them all together for 10 minutes. All done, and undoubtedly delicious.

For a creative way to present your treats, you can try piercing them with a cute toothpick arrow (you can buy these or get crafty and make some of your own). Or, pop each macaron onto a lollipop stick and tie a favor bag on top for an easily shareable treat.

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