Corporate Catering in 2020

A new way to interact! Make your virtual reunion an unforgettable one.

All companies are marked by events, big or small. Meetings, conferences, business lunches, seminars, inaugurations, presentations, birthdays, and the list goes on. These are special occasions not to be forgotten. However, during covid times, organizing such events becomes a challenge as most companies turn to virtual events as an alternative to the traditional ones.
Many event organizers find that one of the biggest challenges, when it comes to virtual events, is how to cater to attendees and keep them excited and engaged during the event.

Woops! printed macarons with logos and favor boxes with custom gift tags

Specialty corporate catering is what we’re good at and by “specialty” we mean macarons! A stunning box of macarons is the perfect virtual event catering to impress your clients or to express true appreciation and gratitude to your team for their hard work and support this year. At Woops! we can help you make your virtual events memorable and special, more meaningful than before.
Our services include macaron boxes of different sizes to send as a beautiful gift to be opened together during the event, or favor boxes to send as a sweet personal treat to clients and employees.  

Times are definitely changing but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your event an unforgettable one. Woops! offers the possibility to customize your macarons or sleeves to match your theme and make them like no other. Print your company’s logo or a special image on your macarons to make your brand stand out. If you want to go big, why not treat your employees with a macaron pyramid as a stunning display? They’re not only a taste of heaven but a beautiful decoration too.

Woops! small and medium macaron pyramids

Let’s be honest, there’s so much involved in a memorable reunion and the treats are just one part of it. Whether it’s big or small, let us take care of the indulging part while you enjoy your event! Simple, thoughtful details will make all the difference – they can help create moments that are significant and exciting, even during COVID.

Even better, make a fun game out of it by offering your attendees a box of macarons and make a flavor tasting experience. Guess the flavor with your team before the time’s up and turn it into a fun activity where you can enjoy a few laughs. Keep distance but don’t lose the excitement!

Woops! box with macarons, rose petals, and vanilla sticks around

Make every bite a celebration and take corporate catering to another level with Woops! We can work closely with you to customize your macarons so that they match your theme and leave a lasting impression on your virtual guests. For more information, check our catering menu here, contact your local Woops!, call us at 718-576-6723, or email us at events@bywoops.com.

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