The best desserts for iftar? Ramadan macaron boxes

Get to know our spectacular boxes perfect for celebrating this season!

Ramadan is a period of time full of reflection, meditation, and forgiveness. This year we wanted to be a part of this blessed season by coming up with our first-ever Ramadan Collection of French macaron boxes.

One cannot deny that this period of time, besides being full of worship and giving, is also filled with flavor and deliciousness… it’s a true experience for everyone’s taste buds. We invite you to get delighted with our spectacular goodies and beautiful boxes that will add some extra joy, color, and yumminess to your iftar.

Box of 18 Honey Lavender, Rose, and Vanilla French macarons, next to a Ramadan Mubarak blue sleeve with a golden ribbon.
Go big and make it your own

The more macarons, the merrier! Our gorgeous Build Your Own Iftar Box of 18 French macarons is the perfect way to add a delicious treat to a numerous dinner. You can choose what you like from our wide selection of flavors and surprise everyone by putting something mega gorgeous and yummy on the table. Nothing like something sweet & extremely delicious after fasting, right?

And since we think there are never enough macarons… we recommend you get more than 1 box because everyone will love these mouthwatering treats.

4 boxes of 9 & 18 French macarons with Ramadan sleeves and golden ribbons in front of a white-wooden background.

@woopsnewtoncenter, photography by @marianamnishino

Make it “mine” with 9

You can still make your box your own if you want a smaller box. Our Build Your Own Eid-al Fitr Box of 9 macarons is perfect for a smaller iftar. You can still delight your loved ones with your favorite flavors and set slightly their taste buds after a long fasting day.

This box is also perfect as a little gift for anyone you love. Gifting macaron for Ramadan? Who wouldn’t love it? And don’t worry, we can deliver them wherever you want us to.

Purple box of 18 assorted French macarons next to a Ramadan blue sleeve with golden details and a golden ribbon.

We can always surprise you!

If you’re not entirely sure of which flavors you want to get, then get them all! Wow all your loved ones with our spectacular Ramadan Mubarak Tasting Box full of 18 macarons in all our classic and seasonal flavors.

If you don’t want to choose the flavors yourself (or just can’t, since they’re all so yummy) there’s no better option than simply having them all. One great idea: open the box, get everyone around and add some playtime to your iftar with blind tasting. Our French macarons are so flavorful and delectable that everyone’s mouth will be set alight!

Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with a Ramadan sleeve and a golden ribbon. In front is a tray with French macarons in assorted flavors. Photo credits: @sjav_photography


What’s left to say is that we wish you all tons of peace, prosperity, blessings, many Ramadan macarons, and happiness to you and your whole family! We wish you & all your loved ones: Ramadan Mubarak!

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