Add sweetness to this Mother’s Day with macarons!

Macarons that match your mom’s personality? Read on to find out!

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let all the awesome mom’s out there know how completely amazing they are. Mothers should always be celebrated, but so much more on this special day. The comfort, protection, warmth, and sweetness that they provide is immeasurable… don’t you want to add something spectacular to her day to make it even better?

Our Mother’s Day Collection (modesty apart) is absolutely gorgeous! And we dare say it’s the perfect sweet gift that fits any and every mom out there. Want to know what are the perfect flavors and the perfect box that will gorgeously match your mom’s personality? Read on to find out!

First of all, you must know that we’ve got over 15 different macaron flavors that are unique & absolutely delicious, you can browse through all of them here.

If your mom’s as sweet as candy

Then some of our Birthday Cake, Nutella, and Red Velvet macarons will undoubtedly make her as happy as she can be! One of our gorgeous Celebrate Every MOMent boxes filled with Vanilla, Rose, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Honey Lavender, Pistachio, and Dark Chocolate macarons will also satisfy her deliciously sweet cravings.

All moms are brave!

Just by taking on the huge responsibility of becoming a mother, so why not celebrate her determination and courageous spirit with determinedly mouthwatering macarons? Some of our best sellers will surely make her smile in joy: our Pistachio, Caramel Fleur de Sel, and Honey Lavender macarons will always be winners, just like her. The perfect treat from our Mother’s Day Collection for her? A You’re My Superhero macaron stack!

Let her wild spirit run free…

With some of our most daring macarons! Birthday Cake? Tiramisu in tiny goodie shape? Did you say Piña Colada & Mint Chocolate!? Yes, we’ve got them all here, and we’re so sure she’ll love them all.

Choose something spectacular!

Select some of our most unique flavors and let her taste buds experience something as adventurous as her. We highly recommend an I Love You So Much Tasting Box that comes with all our classic & seasonal macarons that will create a party of flavors in her mouth.

If she loves all the romantic and lovey-dovey stuff

Some beautiful red and pink macarons will do. Rose, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Red Velvet sweets will surely catch her amorous eye. A My Towering Love For You! macaron stack will let her know there are no limits to your love for her.

But if she’s a more classical one…

We’ve also got spectacular classic macaron flavors. Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Espresso Macchiato, and Cookies & Cream never (ever) go wrong. You can give her a delicious Build Your Own Mama’s Day Box with your own choice of flavors to surprise her only with her favorites.

And there’s a lot more!

Your mom can be romantic and adventurous, while still being conservative and so much more. Mothers’ awesomeness has no limits, which means that all their special and beautiful qualities can’t be put together in just a couple of words (or just one macaron box ;))… Thank goodness we’ve got so many flavors that can convey a wide range of messages through their delicious hues & tastes.

So get on exploring our lovely Mother’s Day Collection that’s full of perfect boxes and fantastic flavors and set her day alight with beauty, deliciousness, sweetness, and love (so much love!).

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