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Woops! Card

See all that our Woops! Card has to offer. It's pretty sweet. 

Card Registration

You can register your cards online to help guard against loss or theft. Unlike a traditional gift card that is treated like cash, if a Woops! Card is lost or stolen, you can cancel your card and we will send you a new one loaded with the remaining balance via eGift.

StoreCard Manager
StoreCard Manager lets you pay from your phone and access all of these great features. You can get to this site by scanning the QR Code on the back of your Woops! Card or by going to Here you can access your transaction history, including reloads and rewards.

You can reload your Woops! Card at any time and even have the option to reload automatically once funds are used up!

Our Woops! Card offers 10% rewards on all purchases and reloads! Everytime you use your Woops! Card or reload funds, your 10% rewards go directly into your card.

Go Mobile
Convert your physical Woops! Card into a digital Woops! Card so you can pay with your smartphone. For iPhone users, the digital card will be stored in the Wallet app. For Android users, the digital card will be stored in the PassMarket app, or you can simply pay from StoreCard manager.

Where Can I Get a Woops! Card?
Right now, Woops! Cards are available for purchase at all of our BakeShops & Boutique Kiosks. We are working hard to get Woops! Cards on our website so you can send to all of your family and friends. Stay tuned!