From the Woops! family, THANK YOU!

We’re doing a giveaway to celebrate the joy of being back together.

2020 and 2021 have been years of change and reinvention. Like many other small businesses, we were severely impacted by the pandemic and suddenly faced with an unknown territory figuring out ways to survive and keep growing.

It was tough, but in the end, we pushed through thanks to all of the amazing people who trusted us during the past 2 years and made room for Woops! in their lives by purchasing macs to spread love, happiness, smiles, and sweetness to those around them.

We’re SO happy that the world is once again getting a sense of normalcy where everyone can get reunited with their loved ones and share sweet moments together! For this reason, we decided we wanted to make these holidays extra special by giving away 100 thankful macaron boxes perfect to share with family & friends and as a way to express how grateful we are for the support we received.

Our Thankful Giveaway starts on 11/1 and ends on 12/4 & entering is easy-peasy: just get subscribed to our newsletter and you’re in! And since we like to make everything a little bit more fun, we came up with ways in which you can get extra entries. Want a chance to win spectacular macarons? Enter now!

We hope you enjoy our giveaway & thank you!

The Woops! Team

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